The Cloud Data Science Process: Webinar with Azure Data Scientists

Tuesday, March 17th 2015

9:00AM-10:00AM PST

The Cloud Data Science Process (CDSP) demonstrates the end-to-end data science process in the cloud, using the full spectrum of Azure technologies, programming languages such as Python and R, and other tools. The end-to-end process starts from raw data, and ends at consuming the web service API of machine learning models that predicts new observations in production. The CDSP showcases solutions in a group of scenarios of varying scale and complexity, and provides supporting artifacts which include detailed guides, tutorials, videos, templates, and published code.

This webinar covers an end-to-end story using SQL Server and IPython Notebook on Azure virtual machines as the data storage and processing tools. It walks through the end-to-end data science process using a publicly available dataset – the NYC Taxi Trips Data – in the first half, followed by an open Q&A session to address further questions.

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